Bump N’ Grind elicits rave for ambiance, events, cuisine

(This is an archived article from the old website, so the name of the author appears incorrectly. The original article was written by Carlos Melendez)

Bump N’ Grind, a quaint little coffee shop on the edge of Downtown Silver Spring, is a cafe with something for everyone, whether you are looking for good music or a place to unwind.
Immediately as you walk in the environment is very welcoming. Even with the slightly hidden location it was surprisingly busy, despite the need to wait for a seat I loved the design of the place. With records lining the walls and a mutes jazz record playing in the background the entire time.
One of my favorite aspects about Bump N’ Grind (besides the name) is the events. Almost everyday they host a different event for local poets, storytellers, even families. Most of them are unique such as Flutterby: Stories about Sound or their Sunday family event where kids get waffles and the parents enjoy Mimosas. They also have traditional events such as Open Mic night and Movie Nights. They even have two listening stations for customers to sit back, relax, and enjoy their vinyl collection.
Even though the environment, staff and events are great, one surprisingly slightly disappointing aspect of Bump N’ Grind was actually their coffee. I’m going to be brutally honest, it wasn’t my favorite. I’ve had many cups of coffee from a variety of places yet this place didn’t make the cut of my tops.
One good thing about the coffee is that they’re very traditional, they don’t make it like this anymore. It is a hit or miss for anyone, for me however, it didn’t suit my taste.But it was not terrible! It fulfilled my need for a latte but didn’t do much else. It just wasn’t as unique as the place itself.
Their coffee may not be the best, but their food definitely makes up for it. They offer a variety of food options from bagels to burritos. Their bagels, while not the best, are very tasty and have you wanting more. Their burritos were, in my opinion, the best thing on the menu.
It may not be the best restaurant or cafe in the world, but the calm and quiet ambiance is enough to make me want to go back. If you are a fan of coffee and music you should definitely go check it out.


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