Black Panther, revolutionary, refreshing film will change superhero genre

Hitting theaters on February 16, “Black Panther” will be a truly unique, vivid, and exciting experience for audiences, not simply for its visuals, but for a wildly diverse cast of absolutely amazing actors.

What can be discerned from the trailers is that “Black Panther” will not be only breathtaking to the eye, but a display of pure acting talent with characters being portrayed by gifted individuals such as Chadwick Boseman (as Black Panther himself), Michael B. Jordan (casted as the villain, Erik Killmonger), and Lupita Nyong’o (casted as Nakia).

With this stacked cast, viewers can rest assured that they will receive the best viewing experience possible. Along with the unbelievable talent, this cast is also a ground-breaking one. With a massive cast made up of actors of color, “Black Panther” stands out. Film adaptations of comic books have been notably white, leading to an extreme white-washing effect throughout the entire superhero movie genre. “Black Panther” will be a refreshing change to the unfortunate trend that directors in this genre seem to fall into far too often.

It seems only appropriate that “Black Panther” would come along now to change the genre, considering that “Black Panther” was an extremely revolutionary concept back when the character was introduced in a “Fantastic Four” comic book in 1966. Characters of color in comic books were nearly unheard of then, especially characters of color that were designed as genuinely African, as opposed to being designed with more caucasian features such as straight hair or lighter skin.

This 2018 recreation of “Black Panther” is an unapologetic tribute to African cultures. The traditions of many African cultures are often underrated and under appreciated and it will be refreshing to see these cultures getting the attention they rightfully deserve.