Art Student of the Issue: Marley Williams

(This is an archived article from the old website, so the name of the author appears incorrectly. The original article was written by Michelle Barahona)
Junior Marley Williams, a student who was trying to fulfill  her parents desire of going to an art class to see how she would do, has developed a passion for art and has perfected her artistic techniques along the way.
Williams like most artists has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil. She loves that art has different ways of allowing  you to express your emotions. She never sends a direct message through her art, she wants people to take the drawing however they see it.
Art gives Williams a way to escape  other school subjects. “With other subjects I have to think, but with art, I can just do whatever I want. Art has no rules,” says Williams.
Her support system from her mother makes everything worth it. Williams says, “when I draw something no matter how big or small it is she is always right by my side to support me.”
Her art has won her three honorable mentions at her first competition in  the regional scholastic art and a writing competition. She would like to win many awards with scholarship to pay off college tuition.
All in all, Williams has found joy in her art and does plan on pursuing this as a career. “I felt like if I picked a career that makes me happy, I would have a happy life,” says Williams.


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