Apple’s Airpods undeserving of their excessive hype, pose many disadvantages

Everyone is always talking about how awesome their Airpods are, but they are not worth as much as they cost due to their many different flaws.

This past Christmas, I was given a pair of Airpods so no, I am not a hater who is just mad that I do not own a pair. I have a lot of experience with them and have come to realize that there are a lot of disadvantages that come with Airpods.

One of the biggest cons with Airpods is that they can easily be lost and go missing. Since they are wireless, it is easy for you to lose one or both of the tiny earbuds.  The only time you can track them is if they are in the case, and that will only tell you the last location when they were used.

If you are a fan of being able to play a song back or turn up the volume on your phone via your headphones, Airpods are not for you. Airpods allow you to skip your songs and pause your music, but you cannot turn up the volume with them.

Another problem with Airpods is that it is hard to operate them with just one hand. There are times when you might want to put the Airpods in while you are on the phone, but it would be very challenging to do that with one hand because of the work it requires to take each earbud out of the case.

One really big disadvantage about having Airpods is that you are often told “I cannot hear a word you are saying,” while using them on a phone call. The microphone is very poor on the Airpods and using it can result in you sounding like a robot, making it very hard for others to hear what you are saying. The microphone also affects the sound of recordings with Airpods, so recording interviews while Airpods are in would not be recommended.

Ever since Airpods were released, they have been trending because of all jokes and memes made about them over social media. Most of the jokes come from pretentious people who are saying that having Airpods makes you rich and if you do not own a pair, then you are too broke.

Airpods’ cons outweigh the pros and there is no way I would would spend $159 of my own money on them.