All-American senior runs up impressive track record, looks to go pro

As her fourth and final winter sports season comes to an end, Noelani Phillips has proven to be a force to be feared on the track.

Phillips began running indoor and outdoor track her freshman year but has always been an athletic person. “I played all different sports since I was young and always wanted to run track but couldn’t find the right team until high school,” adds Phillips.

Running track is not only an extracurricular activity to Phillips, but it’s her life. The commitment level requires a lot of extra time spent at Blake. “I have track practice five days a week all year long. We start base training and intense conditioning the first week of school then go straight into the indoor and outdoor season which is the whole school year, and we also continue to train in the summer,” says Phillips.

With the rigorous toll that participating in a sport can take on a student, it’s easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed easily, but Phillips has her passion to keep her dedicated fully to track. “No matter what, I do everything in my power to achieve my goals,” says Phillips, “In a workout or a meet when I’m exhausted and feel like I can’t go on, I close my eyes and repeat to myself that I’m not tired, I can do this.”

Her passion has led her to achieve a list of accolades, including; All-American status,
4x National Champion, 6x State Champion, 9x Regional Champion, and a 13x County Champion. Her plans for track don’t stop at the high school level. “I intend to run track in college on the D1 level and go pro. If the Olympics is in the cards in the future that would be amazing as well,” adds Phillips.

To prepare for upcoming meets, Phillips has a specific routine, which includes a change in diet, increase in water intake, a social media cleanse, physical therapy to prepare her legs, an most importantly, the mental preparation. “You can be ready physically 110%, but if your [mind] is lacking you will lose the race,” says Phillips.

As her track career at Blake comes close to the end, Phillips reflects on her favorite moment while being a part of the track team. “My favorite track moment so far is last year at new balance nationals when I became an All American for [the] first time ever with my older brother Nathan Phillips, my best friend Cyan Peoples, and my teammate and friend Elias Boussouf. We trained extremely hard and were competing against some serious athletes,” says Phillips. The 2018 New Balance Indoor Track Nationals is also where Phillips ran a personal best for the season.

Phillips couldn’t see her life without track and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She adds, “Track is a part of me it’s what I was meant to do, I couldn’t not have it in my life.”