AJR express themselves with their music in latest album

Almost two years after the release of The Click, an album which produced two Billboard Top 100 songs, pop group AJR released their latest album, Neotheater, April 26.

This album is AJR in their most real and honest form. They weren’t really trying to impress anyone with this album–they were just making their own music, which is what brought them to success in the first place.

One thing that made this album special is how personal it was for the three members, Adam Met, Jack Met, and Ryan Met, all brothers. The song Dear Winter was dedicated to Ryan’s future child, written by Ryan, though sung by lead singer Jack.

Additionally, Turning Out Pt. ii was a response to Turning Out, from The Click The new song is an admission that the way Ryan felt when he wrote the first version was written was no longer true.
Another thing that AJR displayed on this album was their creativity. They made an entire three-minute song about wanting to be sponsored by Beats by Dre, called Beats, similar to how they made an entire song about the show The Office. There are many songs in existence that cover popular and relatable topics, but songs about wanting to be sponsored by a specific company are few and far between, if they exist at all. This uniqueness is what impresses me about Beats the most.

A song that I found to be very interesting was Birthday Party, which is written from the perspective of someone who is one minute old. The song, while upbeat and cheerful in tone, displays an unrealized and unfortunate reality that much of the youth of America have yet to experience. The song references topics such as social media, divorce, politics as well as a myriad of other relevant issues in America.

The thing that gives AJR their general appeal is the fact that they make music about themselves and their experiences. If the claim that some people make about liking “the real stuff” is true, then this album would appeal to them. Neotheater is genuine and comes from their own minds and hearts.